Talk and Surf the Web at the Same Time
with VoIP Service!

You Can Talk as Long as You Want for
*FREE Anywhere in the World!

  • New Mobile App
  • No Credit Check
  • Available to Customers Anywhere in the World
  • Free Calls to Other Subscribers
  • No Taxes, Service Charges or Fees
  • Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Auto-Redial
  • Keep Your Phone Number Even if You Move
  • Works with DSL 28.8 or Higher

Start Making *FREE Long Distance Calls Today!

VoMip Service is BETTER

  • VoMip service offers a more welcoming and professional greeting system
  • VoMip service includes a powerful mobile app that gives you all the great features and productivity of our desktop application. This means that when you leave the office you still have the ability to see who is calling, make notes and transfer calls to the right person.

Make a Great First Impression!

Making a great first impression is one of the best ways to get new customers. What kind of first impression does your phone service make? Chances are, the welcome greeting is generic. It may even be confusing as customers are expected to self-select from an unfamiliar list of options.

VoMip has its own CRM system built right in. And you have the option to sync with more than a dozen popular applications in just minutes. VoMIP even posts a handy summary of each call for your instant review.

VoMip makes it possible to know who called every time. What's more, it enables you to return calls instantly. As a bonus, callers get a 'we know we've missed your call' email for yet another reassuring customer touch point.

*FREE long distance is for VoMip to VoMip calls only. Requires VoMip equipment purchase and a monthly service plan to qualify.

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